Children are the least responsible for climate change, yet they bear the ripple effects of its impact.

The report summarizes the findings from CERIs Sub-Saharan Regional Consultations conducted in eight countries through online platforms and face-to-face workshops. The consultations provided children and young people with the opportunity to voice their concerns about environment issues and their knowledge about environment topics in relation to child rights. Young people responded to a number of environment issues such as how environment challenges affect children and youths, the causes of environmental insecurity, the role of children in environment protection, the role of governments in securing the environment, and proposed ideas for an ideal child-friendly environment.

The report emphasizes the need for children and young peoples inclusion in all environment protection initiatives and decision-making processes. Young people expressed disappointment that they are not being consulted in environmental-related decision-making processes, and the report recommends involving them in discussions regarding their environmental rights.

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